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A visit to Clan Farquharson in Argentina

By Andrew Farquharson, aka as Andrew the farmer from Findon.

The evening of 13 March 2011 at the home of Helen Farquharson

Whilst away from home or on holiday we have all picked up the local telephone directory to see if there are any Farquharsons near where we are travelling. We know the delight of finding our namesake and wondering whether or not to call the number and introduce ourselves and explore some family history.

I had decided in early 2011 to travel down to South America primarily to visit the Argentine and the southern part of Brazil. I travel the world a lot and have often typed ‘Farquharson’ into a web search for the country I am visiting just to see what pops up. I did the usual for Argentina and was thrilled to find a Farquharson Argentina website www.clan-farquharson.com.ar which had formed quite recently.

This went a step further as I also found they had a Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=130203109276&v=info. This was all a very exciting discovery.

I was already down in Rio de Janeiro and approaching the Argentine that week. I sent a letter to the organizer of Clan Farquharson in Argentina, Carlos Farquharson, and very quickly had a reply with a warm invitation to meet the Clan. This was to be some 3 weeks later at the end of my trip in Buenos Aires. Correspondence and excitement grew rapidly between both parties during this time.

Everything was arranged for afternoon tea at the home of Helen Farquharson in the delightful area of Martinez in north Buenos Aires.

Photo: Helen Farquharson

The hospitality and warmth was quite overwhelming. Many old photographs, scripts, family heirlooms and associated Scottish items were found and very quickly we all recognised a very real and immediate connection. Around 30 people arrived during the course of the meal and I asked Carlos, ‘How many separate families are in this Clan’? Carlos astounded me, ‘Just one’. ‘Just one’ I burst back. ‘Yes, just one, all are descended from James Farquharson who left Scotland in 1862, but there are many more than this’. All quite amazing.

We chatted and photographed each other well into the late evening and discussed the Clan on both sides of the Atlantic.

I presented Carlos Farquharson with a tie in the weathered Farquharson tartan. I had the pleasure of receiving a ‘mate’ cup and a dagger/ meat knife with a fine blade, both of which I will treasure.

Photo: Carlos with his new Farquharson tie

The next evening a group of us men met for a hearty dinner in the centre of Buenos Aires. To complete the full feeling of what it is to be Scottish we concluded the evening at 4.00 am after a thorough whisky and Drambuie sampling session.

I now look forward to welcoming our friends from Argentina to the main Clan Farquharson gathering in Scotland one day soon.