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DNA profiling

A group of Clan members with the surname Farquharson have now successfully had their DNA profiled. Two of us, Gordon Farquharson, the Clan Chairman and Andrew Farquharson, the Clan Treasurer appear to be linked through the high number of matching markers and now the exciting bit starts by trying to link us on our family trees.

A lot of families have quite extensive family trees but most of us have only got so far back, get stuck and can't go further. It is interesting when various Farquharsons bring their family trees to the reunions, but frustrating not to really know if there is a close link between them. That can all change now through the Y-chromosome analysis.

Male line - This is the tracing of our paternal genetic ancestry through analysis of the Y-chromosome in our DNA. The Y-chromosome is only passed down the Paternal line from father to son i.e. just through the men.

The DNA profiling we recommend will give you results on 43 key 'markers'. It is proven that if you find someone else with the same markers then you will be directly related. Only one male in each family need have DNA analyzed as father, son, and grandfather, direct male cousins should all have the same DNA. This is good for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Women could have a trace done to explore their paternal ancestry based on the Y-chromosome with a sample of DNA from their father, brother or close male relative. They cannot use their own DNA. Women can have their X chromosome mapped but this is for geographical purposes rather than for recent family trees.

Which firm to use?
We looked carefully at the market for such services. We decided to use a very helpful firm, based in Dorset with another office in the United States www.dnaheritage.com. They were both interested and helpful setting up the Farquharson Clan project. Another plus point with this firm is that they have set up a free search site www.ybase.org to enable anyone with a DNA profile (from any source) to search for other contributors who might be related. If you click onto www.ybase.org and type Farquharson into 'surname search' you can view the results of the group so far.

will test 43 markers for only about £97 based on the current dollar rate. $ 1.89. A good time to buy with a weak dollar.

Clan Farquharson and Family Tree interest will grow and grow as more people contribute their DNA profile and interesting links start to evolve. This can help prove a family link thus saving time by not having to search down certain paths.

The Process It is very easy. Three cotton bud swabs are supplied and these are rubbed on the inside on your cheeks. After placing in the sterile envelope and posted off, about two weeks later the results are through and the matching up can start. Good luck!

Our Code:
DNA Heritage.com has us set up as a group and will guide us.

Our name code is:- 542838529. This can be accessed through


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