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Coat of Arms

The Farquharson Coat of Arms Crest
This distinctive insignia described as: On a chapeau, Gules furred Ermine, a demi-lion Gules holding in his dexter paw a sword proper.A DEMI-LION rampant Gules, holding in the dexter paw a SWORD Proper.

The crest is encircled by a strap and buckle bearing the clan motto, “FIDE ET FORTITUDINE " - By Fidelity and Fortitude" . All clansmen are entitled to wear this distinctive insignia

The Farquharson Motto: Fide et fortitudine (Fidelity and Fortitude), translates to mean –
I force nae freen, I fear nae foe (I force no friend, I fear no foe) and Carn-na-chuimhne (Cairn of Remembrance)

The Farquharson Shield
Split Quarterly, the 1st and 4th sections, ( or Gold), features the LION rampant Gules; the 2nd and 3rd displaying Argent, a FIR TREE growing out of a MOUNT gives the base with a Chief Gules royal banner of Scotland displayed on a CANTON of the Field. To the left of sections 2 and 3, a HAND issuing from the sinister side holding a DAGGER that points downwards

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